Thursday, March 11, 2010

Presenting at National Algae Association

Alganomics will be represented via a presentation by Dr. Kim Jones at the National Algae Association's Mid-South Chapter Workshop on Friday, March 26, 2010. The workshop, titled "Algae: Mining Wastewater for Nutrients, Feed and Fuel," will be held in Huntsville, Alabama. The workshop description is as follows:
"With US freshwater supplies slowly dwindling and algae culture quickly becoming the centerpiece of bioenergy/bioremediation research, we must carefully examine our water and nutrient sources for an efficient, sustainable algal industry. This workshop explores how to minimize algae's freshwater and nutrient footprints by recycling anthropogenic wastewater streams including agricultural, municipal, and industrial while at the same time producing a host of valuable algal end products. In addition, we will learn of algae's tremendous potential as a cost-effective bioremediation tool for wastewater streams, effecting a more stable and healthy ecosystem."
Dr. Jones' presentation is titled, "Phycoremediation: Balancing the Chemical Budgets," with the following description:
Phycoremediation, or the use of microalgae for the removal of nutrients, organics and/or heavy metals from wastewaters, is gaining research intensity, as a result of biofuels/bioproducts and environmental mandates. Designing integrated chemical recycling systems will impact "algae to biofuels" through its environmental remediation, productivity and economics.
Please see the National Algae Assn. website for registration details,