Saturday, October 30, 2010

Opportunities & Collaborations

It has been a while between posts and Alganomics has been very busy! We attended the advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, "The First Billion Gallons" held in Washington, DC at the end of April. Immediately following that conference, we were one of a handful of businesses requested to the Embassy of the Philippines for meetings on the Philippine Biofuels Trade Mission, which is co-sponsored by the USDA. Hosted by the honorable Ambassador Willy C. Gaa, it was both a cultural and business bridge-building experience. Alganomics had the opportunity to meet with the CEO's from each of the biofuels businesses located in the Philippines. It is our sincere hope to find ways to collaborate.

A collaboration, which began in June with a presentation to the newly formed Caldwell Green Commission in Lenoir, is gaining traction, as funding is sought for a Bioenergy Park. At the end of October, we were happy to host their representatives on tours of our facilities in Brunswick County and facilities in Bladen County, which are part of another collaborative research endeavor. Caldwell County has an incredible opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons, by utilizing closed factories and brown field areas for the production of feedstocks for biofuels and incorporating renewable energy. Congratulations to the Caldwell Green Commission for moving into their new office, hosted by GOOGLE. Mark your calendars for the Caldwell Green Commission's Grand Opening at Lenoir, NC on November 23, 2010 from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

Speaking of opportunities and collaborations, Alganomics has presented a project called the "Sustainable Mariculture And Renewable Technologies (SMART) Enterprise" to the City of Southport. Information was provided to the Board of Aldermen for their October meeting (Oct. 14, 2010). A request was made for a presentation at the November meeting. The next post will have more on the exciting opportunities offered by Southport's SMART Enterprise.