Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NC Biotech Infrastructure

Did you know that North Carolina is ranked third in the nation for its biotechnology companies? More than 450 bioscience companies are headquartered or have operations in North Carolina. For more information on the biotechnology infrastructure that is being developed for NC, visit the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s (NCBC) website at:
Forbes magazine in 2008 has named North Dakota, Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina as the top five U.S. states for producing biomass feedstocks. Alganomics hopes to add to the biomass feedstock’s market through algae production. North Carolina’s Strategic Plan for Biofuels Leadership’s goal is simple and bold in statement but challenging to bring about over time: to develop a liquid biofuels industry that is substantial in output, agriculturally and economically important, sustainable, and significant across the State. Bringing about this outcome requires a smart combination of sustained policy, resources, and vision, which is outlined in 9 strategies within the plan.
Strategy 1: North Carolina’s vision is strong and ambitious. By 2017, 10 percent of liquid fuels sold in North Carolina will come from biofuels grown and produced within the State.
To read the complete plan, visit: